Experiential Marketing Support

Experiential Marketing Support

"Here at ExhibitHire we can assist you with your creative endeavours."

Experiential marketing explores alternative ways to market your clients brand, as appose to the conventional methods used in the past. Here at ExhibitHire we can assist you with your creative endeavours and get your campaigns off to a flying start.

We understand that brand experience is a very important factor which determines the success of your clients brand and we want to help. Our design team can help you with the planning and costing of your project.

We carry large stocks of props and displays, which we can modify to meet the requirements of you're campaign. We also have all the latest equipment and machinery to manufacture bespoke displays and props.

Exhibithire have a large fleet of lorries and vans, and a team of professional installers, so we can accommodate your requirements, no matter where and when.


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