Exhibition Stand Ideas

To decide on an exhibition stand for your company, it's important to keep in mind a number of things and be aware of many options that are now available. New innovations and trends like modular exhibition stands and use of tablets and large displays provide opportunities to impress and attract future customers at any kinds of exhibitions and with any budgets. So here is a breakdown of how we approach exhibition stand design.

  1. Size of your space
  2. Are you displaying products
  3. How many people do you want to engage with at any one time
  4. How much storage do you require
  5. How long is the exhibition or event is running for

Here are 5 of the most innovative and radical stand designs that we have seen recently. If you like to use some of these ideas or just want to talk about our bespoke exhibition stand rental services, then get in touch.

The Tube

The Tube Stand

Multi Layered Lightbox

Rosnano Stand Photo credit Ivan Formin

Audi A1 Stand

Audi A1 Stand

Shop Display (Lane Crawford)

Lane Crawford Shop Display

Audi Stand as CES in Las Vegas

Audi Stand