Exhibition Stand Hire London

Professionally designed exhibition stand hire service from the experts.

Here are ExhibitHire we believe that to provide the best service and to be able to fully understand customer's exhibition needs, as many services as possible should be under one roof.

In-House Approach

Because we have our own furniture, probably the largest selection of luxury furniture in the country, in addition to modern CNC machinery and a group of talented exhibition 3D designers, we are able to complete almost any project completely in-house. This allows us full control over the quality of service and the end result. Hiring a professionally made exhibition stand, whether it is a modular stand that looks highly bespoke, or a custom built one-off stand hire, is a very clear process.

From Consultation To Finished Build

Starting with initial consultation, we are very image driven and we are providing 3D designs as part of our initial proposal. This showcases our understanding of all the logistical and aesthetic elements of manufacturing an exhibition stand hire for any kind of trade show or exhibition.