Bespoke Bars (Design, Manufacturing & Delivery)

Bespoke Bars (Design, Manufacturing & Delivery)

At Exhibithire we manufacture bespoke bars for events, exhibitions and most of the retail sector. We’ll work with your designers and marketing team to construct a Bespoke Bar of the highest quality built to last. Our Bespoke Bars incorporate various materials and processes from Corian and Metal to Acrylic and Lacquers in a wide range of colours.

The Idea's Process...

Sometimes the initial idea to get your project moving is hard to come by especially when you require a unique look for your client . Even if you are not quite sure what you need our experienced design team can get you stimulated with a range of ideas we can communicate back and fourth. Remember to forward any inspirational images you have collected these can also be invaluable.

From Start ups to Prestigious events...

If you are a start up or a Prestigious time served company we have a bespoke bar solution for you. Our extremely meticulous account managers will ensure no loss of communication and keep you updated as we make progress with your bespoke bar.

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