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Light & Audio Visual Production and Design

Here at exhibithire.com we have some of the most stylish lighting products on the market today, lighting products form an important element of your exhibition or event, whether you need hanging light units or simple stand alone products you will certainly find what you need.

Lighting Design

"We make the most of light technology in a creative and innovative way"

Lighting design can transform completely any space, it is essential when setting up an atmosphere and creating a glamorous look to your event. Our team is specialized in conceiving a unique mood for each event using inspirational lighting effects without disregarding at any moment the functional aspect.

  • Providing consultancy in lighting requirements and control systems to achieve the best visual results for each specific case.
  • Creating the concept, providing 3D visualizations, setting up a unique mood for each project.
  • Installing electrical systems and lighting fixtures for stands and temporary exhibitions.
  • Design, program and operate the lighting and special effects for live events (such as conferences, awards ceremonies, theatre and music concerts).
  • Designing and building exclusive lighting fixtures for exceptional events.
Lighting Design



"We create high quality, clear audio"

Our Audio team can create a wide range of professional audio solutions to suit your ever changing needs including live sound engineers and audio technicians. We have experience in venues ranging from small to medium to large scale international exhibitions. We can assist you with the following:

  • Design and install temporary or permanent professional PA systems.
  • Guarantee the best sound quality ensuring clarity of speech throughout any live presentation.
  • We provide sound engineers highly experienced not only in large scale corporate events but also in mixing sound for live bands.
  • We can help you creating a personalized music play-list or even outsource a DJ or live band if you require it.
  • Installation of temporary acoustic treatment solutions for any venue size in order to reduce noise and echo problems.


"Your one stop shop for complete video solutions"

Our video team provide a complete in-house visual packaged solutions for your chosen platform from videos, projector systems, LED screens, video conferencing, live broadcasting plus much more. Our mission is to create professional yet beautiful solutions in line with your project brief. We have the technology and expertise to create and deliver engaging memorable visual content.

  • Provide consultancy in video projection systems to achieve the best visual result.
  • Install projection screens, LED screens and projectors.
  • Create LED walls/Video walls for permanent and temporary exhibitions.
  • Conceive integrated video systems, design and operate the content for live events.
  • Install and operate video conferencing systems for business meetings and large conferences.
  • Film events and create edited footage for client's in form of a DVD or stream directly to the web.
Video Mapping (NEW)

It is an exciting new projection technique that can turn almost any surface into a dynamic video display. This process can add extra dimensions, optical illusions and notions of movement onto static objects. We design the Mapping specifically for each project. Different moods can be created and operated by a live VJ, delivering the most memorable event.


Trussing and Stage

Trussing and Stage

"we can build anything you can imagine"

ExhibitHire provide full trussing and stage solutions our trussing can be arranged in standard or bespoke structures to accommodate your design brief. We can build anything you can imagine, customisation can include stage covering or carpeting to suit your needs.

Once we are finished with the basics we can add drapes, themed scenery and props. Whether we are designing a catwalk for a small agency for 25 people or an Annual General Meeting for a blue-chip client workmanship, attention to detail and quality are our main concern.

Our Services include:

  • Providing consultancy in stage design, props and rigging systems.
  • Creating bespoke stages for indoor events or mobile staging for outdoor event productions.
  • Install all the trussing structure that will support the lighting, video projection and PA system.
  • Dress the stage/venue with backdrops.
  • Make sure that all health & safety regulations are complied.

Bespoke AV Solutions

"We are constantly monitoring cutting edge technologies"

Customized audio-visual equipment

We store a complete range of audio-visual products specially tailored for white canvas venues and white themed events. In the process of customizing equipment for our clients we discovered the need of a product line that fits popular "white canvas" styled venues in an unrivalled level.

We design and install our systems knowing that the key is in the details. Down to the last piece of cable you will find perfectly combined accessories finished with a high standard installation.

Audio-Visual solutions to fit any environment

When starting our Audio-Visual department we transferred the highest visual expectations to a new level by customising equipment and manufacturing accessories that can fit any interior design or company branding.

We create high-end AV systems that blend perfectly in the surrounding environment achieving a remarkable level of design integration.

We are constantly monitoring cutting edge technologies to find the newest and most creative solutions in order to transform generic AV apparatus into a stunning piece of art. Our custom made accessories are manufactured in-house and can be tailored to fit any expectations.

Bespoke AV solutions

Event production

Event Production and Technical Consultancy

"We continually pursue relevant certification showing our commitment to excellence"

ExhibitHire provides individual tailored technical solutions and expertise. We design, install and run any kind of project, creating spectacular results on time and within budget. We pride ourselves on offering full technical production services including lighting, sound, video, rigging and stage, while constantly updating with the latest technology.

We supply an initial free consultation that will help you to visualize the most creative solution uniquely suited to your occasion. We also produce all the technical drawings and reports to ensure precise set-up reducing installation time.

From a small private reception to a large scale public event we have to offer complete event production support. Our Production team comply with all industry standards and Health & Safety guidelines. We continually pursue relevant certification showing a commitment to excellence and re-assuring the clients of our competency, experience and ethical behaviour.

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